CBD oilvapingVaping CBD benefits – is vaping right for you?


Is vaping CBD oil right for you? Here are the top five vaping CBD benefits.

There is a lot of user data and a growing body of research that shows CBD providing significant significant benefits for a wide variety of ailments such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, and more.

Because CBD (cannabinoids) are extracted from the cannabis plant, there is a certain amount of fear in various industries. It is a battle for many online CBD retailers because Google doesn’t allow you to market CBD products in its paid network and neither do facebook or Instagram.

One of the more forward-thinking industries is the vaping industry. The vaping industry is embracing CBD and offers a wide variety of products in the form of vaping CBD oil.

We get asked the question of whether vaping is the right option for them. The correct answer is, we don’t know. CBD consumption is all down to preference. However, here are five reasons to vape CBD oil which may help with your decision whether vaping CBD oil is right for you or not.

5 Reasons why you should vape CBD

1. Vaping CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking

Vaping Hemp Oil provides a much healthier alternative that can help break the habit of smoking while delivering the amazing benefits of CBD.

In 2017, there was a publication of the long-term effects of vaping. The study compared toxicant exposure between people who had stopped smoking and vaped for an average of 16 months with those who continued to smoke.

The study was funded by Cancer Research UK and found large reductions in carcinogens and other toxic compounds in vapers compared with smokers, but only if the user had stopped smoking completely.

2. Vaping CBD Maximises the Effects of CBD

When we consume orally CBD, it does not immediately take effect. The CBD goes through our digestive tract which filters out much of the CBD before it reaches our bloodstream. This reduces the effects of the CBD oil. This is why, if you take the oil from tinctures, you rub it into your gums or hold it under your tongue so that it absorbs through your mouth.

By vaping CBD, the CBD enters your lungs and directly diffuses into your bloodstream. This process allows the CBD to bypass our digestive tract, allowing up to four times as much CBD to enter our circulation, delivering maximum effects.

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3. Vaping CBD Distributes CBD into the Body Quicker

As highlighted above, when you vape CBD the beneficial cannabinoids not only enter your bloodstream quicker but they also start working much quicker. This is important when you suffer anxiety or have chronic pain which you are using CBD oil to relieve.

4. Vaping CBD Allows You to Control and Test Dosage

One of the most common questions we get asked about CBD is “how much should I take?”. There is no definite answer here because CBD affects people differently. Some people don’t find much difference and others experience life-changing qualities. Likewise for dosages. The only way to know for sure is to experiment.

A great way to experiment is in fact to vape. By vaping CBD, you can choose how many puffs of CBD you take and gauge how it affects your body, giving you full control of your experience.

Unlike consuming CBD in capsules, for example, you absorb the full amount of beneficial cannabinoids available (capsules you may only actually get 6-15% of the cannabinoids)

5. CBD oil in vapes is flavored

Finally, vaping CBD can offer a more exciting and enjoyable experience than simply ingesting CBD. Anybody who has tasted most CBD oil will tell you that it can an acquired taste. It can be quite…unpalatable.

When you vape CBD oil you can get a wide variety of CBD Vape Juice products with unique flavors. From fruity to vanilla to chocolate! You can get all sorts of flavors.

We hope that gives you more of an overview of CBD oil and the benefits of vaping.

Happy vaping people!

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