#cbd#cbd flowersSmoked my first CBD flower I’ve been in recovery from addiction for 7 years


I read the following thread on Reddit earlier and thought it was very interesting. It’s around smoking CBD flowers.

My Wife has Anxiety and I have ADHD and have to take stimulants that cause me to get anxious. I also have been in recovery for 7 years and was a daily weed smoker and heavy drug abuser.

I wanted to share my story because I did a lot of research about someone in my situation and didn’t really find anything and I hope this can help people make the right decision.

Wife and I smoked my first CBD bud today. It was a strain called Bubble Gum. It was legal hemp so THC was less then .3%.

I made a post the other day asking if CBD flower was mood and mind-altering due to the nature of my past. The post mostly said that there is a “feeling” but it’s not like a high. I was still a little nervous.

It worked super well, I had a really stressful day. I work full time and go to school full time. My Wife works at the same job and its just been a shit show (not because she works there, but we got bought by another company).

About 15 minutes after smoking I noticed how quiet my mind was. Not like zoned out quite, but we had to go somewhere and we were listening to music, and I could pay attention to the words and just enjoy the music.

I never felt foggy headed or zoned out, if anything my head just felt clear. No thought loops, change in perception, LSD like visual disturbances. I felt basically normal but more relaxed and cheerful.

My wife pretty much felt the same way.

I have been using 500mg full spectrum oil from Pangea and charlottes web for an about a week, and although they are noticeable, smoking the flower definitely had a more pronounced effect.

Would I consider smoking CBD flower using or relapsing, no I wouldn’t. Its almost like I drank a really good cup of warm tea or something. Drinking two or three cups of coffee is considerably more mood and mind-altering.

The biggest shock to me was the taste of the smoke and the smell of the flowers. Not having tasted or smelt cannabis like that in 7 years brought back some memories of my heavy using days where I would use weed and other hard drugs.

Using a bowl again was kind of awkward, just having it in my hands and hitting it seemed like I was doing something wrong.

A few things, when I got clean I had undiagnosed ADHD and it took about 6 years of getting my life on track and a foundation built up around me. A great support network and my best friend to hold me accountable if I am doing something sketchy.

After getting diagnosed with ADHD right at 6 years clean and getting properly medicated did I feel comfortable enough to try something like this.

I probably wouldn’t recommend CBD flowers to anyone early on in recovery due to the behavioral cues and triggers based around the ritual. Oil and Gummies I would recommend, but not to treat any mental illness without the help of a professional or support network.

Just my two cents, be smart, you know yourself and situation, do your research.

Link To Reddit Article

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