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Have you ever wondered what other peoples reasons for using CBD oil is? So have I which is why I decided to set up a quick survey and find out why people use CBD and for what reasons. Here is what I discovered…

I first started to look at Google Surveys to get my CBD user data. Unfortunately, CBD oil is a banned subject on Google and ended up having to create a survey based on hemp oil (the non-CBD stuff). I thought this could be a little misleading and may not attract the users of CBD oil which I wanted. I decided to put out a survey on Reddit in a relevant subreddit topic. I thought this would be a good place to start and would attract qualified CBD users.

I decided that I wouldn’t ask too many questions as I wasn’t sure of the response rate. I wanted to keep commitment (in this case Redditors time) low.

I stuck to just three questions;

  1. What age range do you belong to?
  2. What do you use CBD oil?
  3. How do you consume CBD oil?
* The original link to the thread is here - I will update the results if the numbers go up significantly (CBD Survey Link)

What age range do you belong to?

CBD Survey - age demographics
What age group do most CBD users belong to?

From the CBD oil users who responded to the survey, most belonged to the 25-34 age group.

There were also quite a few users in the older age groups. Overall, the spread of age was fairly consistent.

This data is probably skewed by the fact that we were getting responses from Reddit which has its own demographics. It would be interesting to see what this data would look like had Google Survey allowed me to run a survey there.

What do you use CBD oil?

CBD oil survey / why do you use?
What do you use CBD oil for?

The vast majority of CBD users, according to this survey, use CBD oil for anxiety. Many users didn’t elaborate on anything further than ‘anxiety’. The same is true for the users that use it for ‘pain relief’. Many users said they used CBD oil to relieve both anxiety and pain.

One or two users stated that they had not felt any effect from CBD oil and they were constantly experimenting with dosage. I have heard anecdotal evidence in the past where some users claim that CBD simply does ‘nothing for them’ at all.

The majority of CBD users I have spoken to have used it for pain relief.

Here are some quotes I pulled from that survey;

‘…That it actually works. I didn’t realize I was struggling until recently. I would sleep all day, my house was a mess and my children really suffered from my emotional distance. After just 5 days of use I felt like a new person! I had the motivation to get up, clean up, make decent meals and above all spend time with my children. It’s been life changing…’

‘…Pain relief with no ill effects, allowing me to carry on with my day as normal…’

‘…Absolutely no bad side effects, completely non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and all natural…’

‘…Ease and control of dosage. Immediacy of relief. No noticed side effects besides some having terrible taste…’

‘…Healthier alternative to ibuprofen…’

‘…Calming effects, relieves pain…’

‘…Helps keep anxiety at bay…’

How do you consume CBD oil?

How do you consume CBD oilFinally, I asked how CBD users consume their CBD oil. I was expecting that the majority of users would be vaping CBD. It seems that the majority of the CBD users who took part in this survey consume the CBD oil.

I didn’t ask for brands used because I didn’t know what the response rate on the survey would be. I didn’t want to ask too many questions in case it lowered the completion rate. It would be interesting to discover if the Pareto Principle is at play in the CBD industry. I would hypothesize that a key number of CBD brands (maybe 10% of the available CBD brands) dominate the vast majority (90%) of the CBD market.

What I would like to do next

CBD oil
It is frustrating that many companies still class CBD oil as drug paraphernalia

It is so frustrating that ‘forward thinking’ companies such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram classify CBD as drug paraphernalia and refuse CBD fanatics to endorse and advertise CBD on their platforms. Afterall, CBD is 100% legal in most countries and is actually sold on the high street in the UK for instance. It would be excellent to use these platforms to attract qualified subjects to get a much larger data set.

This survey is based on 58 respondents (thank you to anybody who took the time to complete the survey) which is a great initial dataset. I’ve worked with qualitative data in the past and really like to work with at least 300 responses to a survey like this.

My next step is to either promote this existing survey to get a larger data set (in which case I will update the information here)

* The original link to the thread is here - I will update the results if the numbers go up significantly (CBD Survey Link)

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