CBD OilCibdolLiposomal – CBD Oil with Liposomes (super strength 4%)


  • Up to 400% more effective than standard CBD oil thanks to the scientific liposome technology
  • 4% CBD oil with the equivalent power of 20% but much cheaper
  • Sourced from regulated hemp farms with no contaminants for pesticides
  • Every single batch of CBD oil test for purity of quality
  • Complete money back guarantee – risk-free purchase


At last! A CBD oil which is more efficient and works instantly…
Scientists at world-renowned CBD company Cibdol have developed a CBD oil which is up to 400% more effective than other CBD oils.

FACT – Many cannabinoids are destroyed by your body

Liposomes deliver CBD more efficiently

The sad fact of the matter is that when you take CBD oil,  much of it is destroyed by the bodies digestive system. This is not restricted to just CBD oil, but many types of oral medicine. Scientists developed a method of enhancing the efficiency of the administration of medicines in the human body using liposomes. Liposomes act as a ‘protective shield’ to carry medicines through the body and into the areas required. More of the beneficial cannabinoids are delivered using CBD oil delivered using this cutting-edge technology.

The amazing power of liposomes

Cell membrane walls and liposome membranes are both made from the same elements. When a liposome is created, the membrane forms a protective shield. These protective shields can contain medicinal elements.

Liposomes slowly dissolve when exposed to the enzymes and acids found in tissues and cells. This means they can penetrate directly into tissue and cell walls. They are so small that they can pass into the blood so they absorb really quickly. Our cannabinoids (CBD) is therefore absorbed quickly into the body with very little waste, unlike other methods.

Why absorbing is the best option

For the body to assimilate insoluble compounds, they must first be digested and turned into a fluid. The fluid then passes through the digestive tract. During this process, essential compounds like nutrients and vitamins, water, and complementary therapeutics are absorbed.

Unfortunately, the digestive process is destructive for many compounds including CBD. Liposomes are so durable that they can pass through the stomach unharmed. This means that what they contain is also protected from the digestive process. The entire dose of CBD is retained by the liposome during digestion.

The main is that your body uses much more of the CBD than standard oil. Our 4% CBD is as effective as some 20% CBD but at a fraction of the price.

CBD in liposomal form is the most powerful combination. No time or energy is wasted during the digestive process as assimilation is almost immediate.

Liposomes are so smart, they can deliver their essential substances right where they are needed most inside your cells.

Cibdol Liposomal CBD combines effectiveness with scientific smarts, so you get all the benefits quicker.


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