There are many ways to consume CBD, each with their benefits and drawbacks, so which one is right for you?

Well, that will depend on numerous factors, such as your taste buds, do you smoke, are you happy taking capsules etc?

So let’s take a quick dive into the different methods;

CBD Capsules

Capsules are generally the easiest way to take CBD oil. The capsules are easy to swallow, convenient to store, there is no mess and they are tasteless. Using capsules is the simplest way to get the exact amount of CBD oil dose, but more on that later.

If you travel a lot, then capsules could be a good option as they won’t break and leak over your clothes, unlike a glass bottle of oil may do.

The biggest downside to capsules is that anything you swallow must pass through your digestive system. Studies have shown that as little as 6% of the valuable CBD will survive digestion and enter your bloodstream.

Vaping CBD

Inhaling is one of the most efficient methods of taking CBD, but as it is closely related to smoking it will not be suitable for everyone. Personally, I don’t smoke, so vaping would not be an option for me.

Other downsides include the fact that the beneficial effects may be quite short-lived, although you should feel the effects more quickly.

Of course, you will also need to carry the vape itself and any refills required. A final downside for vaping is that your children or pets cannot benefit from CBD oil using this method.

CBD Topicals

This method uses creams and lotions applied directly to your skin. It has a limited, localised effect, since the CBD does not enter your bloodstream and only works on the upper cells of your skin.

Pure Hemp Oil Concentrate

This is the natural extract from the hemp plant, containing CBD and other cannabidiols in their purest form. The resultant oil is more like a paste and very little is needed to feel the results. As with tinctures, the concentrate is placed under your tongue for around 90 seconds before swallowing to allow the CBD to be absorbed.

CBD Tinctures

This is a very popular way of taking CBD, either in oil or spray form. The CBD is held in a carrier oil, which allows manufacturers to add flavouring.

Typical carrier oils are coconut oil and olive oil, but also spearmint and other naturally flavoured oils.

With a spray, the oil is sprayed directly into your mouth, on to the inside of your cheeks and absorbed or swallowed. Using a dropper, a few drops of oil are placed under your tongue and held there for around 1 minute to allow it to be absorbed.

About CBD dosage

CBD is currently only allowed to be sold as a food supplement and cannot be described as medicinal. Currently, there is no medical information to gauge what is a correct dose.

Having said that, there have never been any reports of someone taking too much CBD or suffering ill-effects from taking large quantities.

So how much CBD should you take?

This depends on a number of factors, and we recommend that you start with a low percentage oil, such as 5% CBD. From here, you can slowly increase the dose until you feel the beneficial effects.

The webpage, how much CBD should I take has some great advice. They have compiled information for actual users based on the weight and severity of their condition. From this data, they have produced a table giving an indication of the amount of CBD that has worked for a particular weight and severity.

It is just a guide and it is important to read all the information provided. Each individual will be different, but the table gives a good indication of the amount you should expect to take and feel the benefits.


At nHance Life, we highly recommend using CBD Oil over other products. There are a number of reasons for this;

  • Multiple ways to consume — the best way is by putting a few drops under your tongue, but the oil can also be mixed with food or drinks if required
  • The CBD is absorbed quickly and the effects can normally be felt after 15 minutes or so.
  • Easy to store or take with you — the bottles come with droppers built into the caps for easy application

CBD oil will not be for everyone, but making sure you use the best method of consumption will help. Start with a low dose and build up until you can feel the effects.

Take a look at the range of CBD oils available on the nHance Life website.

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