How CBD oil changed my life and how it can help you

Jamie’s Personal Story

Back in July 2016 I was spending a Saturday morning mountain biking. It was a great morning to ride. A warm July morning and the sun hadn’t hit it’s peak yet. Everything was going well until a tyre blew out on a tree root and I ended up coming off the bike and hitting my back pretty hard against a tree. My back was sore but I finished my ride and went about the rest of my day. Everything seemed fine until I started to suffer acute back pains.

The pains started as twinges and my back seemed to ache a lot. I am very used to the aches you get from the gym and sports but this was different. It was an ‘underlying’ ache which never seemed to go. The pain started to get me down and especially at night when I would wake up and struggle to get back to sleep again and that terrible feeling when you wake up feeling tired.

I had to address this underlying pain (I later discovered that pain that lasts for longer than 12 weeks is called ‘chronic pain’). It really was starting to affect my life.

My 6 Week CBD Experience

Jamie’s personal CBD experience

And so I turned to medical drugs

CBD oil replaced by prescription drugs

Conventional medicine didn’t work

I started taking paracetamol (acetaminophen in the US) and ibuprofen a few times a day for a week to relieve the pain on the advice of a local doctor. This helped somewhat but then I started to suffer stomach pains instead. I had swapped one symptom for another it seemed. After researching into what I was taking, I wasn’t comfortable with the effect these drugs could be having on my liver.

In adults, an ingestion of more than 150 mg of paracetamol/acetaminophen is considered a toxic dose and poses a high risk of liver damage. I was taking 150 mg every day at least which made me uncomfortable to the hidden damage to my body that could have been happening.

I also discovered that I started to feel sleepy and lethargic in the afternoons even though I live an active and healthy lifestyle. I had never had this happen before so have put this down to the artificial drugs I was taking.

I wanted to find a more natural pain relief than these factory manufactured drugs. I literally felt like livestock being dosed up on artificial drugs.

A good friend recommended CBD oil

A good friend of mine, who I trust implicitly, suffers from multiple sclerosis. She recommended that I try CBD oil. At first, when I found out it was cannabis oil, I was wary. I didn’t really fancy jumping from pharmaceutical drugs to illegal drugs.

After a bit of  persuasion and some research I discovered that CBD oil is totally legal and will not get you ‘stoned’.

In fact, the CBD oil works seamlessly with receptors that we already have in our bodies (and in fact, all mammals have had for tens of thousands of years). Surely, something which already exists in our body is there for a reason so why not give it what it wants / needs to keep us healthy.

A friend recommended CBD oil

CBD literally changed my life

The results were amazing

CBD oil improved my sleep quality

I slept much better on CBD oil

The results of CBD oil were outstanding. I started off on 5% CBD oil taking a few drops three times a day. After the first bottle was finished I went onto 10% before finally dropping back to 5%. My pain went after about an hour or two and it was easily as effective as the pharmaceutical drugs. It was a strange experience because you don’t notice the effect straight away. You just suddenly realise that ‘there is no pain’.

It didn’t only stop there mind. Here is what else happened;

  • My average sleep went from 6.8 hours a night to 8 hours sleep a night
  • My skin improved – it felt softer and smoother on my face and the top of my back
  • I felt calmer and more relaxed
  • I felt more mentally alert at work
  • I felt like I had more energy. I used to dread post 18:00 gym sessions but don’t mind them at all now (I was actually expecting the opposite)
  • I lost seven pounds in 10 two weeks (I go to the gym 4/5 times a week and eat clean and did not change my routine at all).

After taking CBD, I slept for 17.6% longer. Also, my sleep was a higher quality.

Discovering the benefits of CBD oil

It was these results which encouraged me to investigate further into the amazing properties of CBD oil. I started to research cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system and discovered a whole community of people benefitting from medical cannabis.

I read many books about CBD oil, cannabinoids, testimonials and case studies from all over the globe.

Many people were using CBD oil as a pain relief. Some people were using it as an anti-stress remedy. Some people were using it to aid sleep. Some people to improve general ‘well-being’. There were even stories about people curing certain cancers with cannabis oil (the oil which does contain THC).

I also discovered something more sinister. The major pharmaceutical companies are trying to prevent CBD oil becoming too mainstream. They are concerned that CBD oil is threatening their profits in the form of their patented drugs which they make vast profits from. They are seeking to control medical cannabis for their own profit.

We as a people cannot allow this to happen.

Cannabinoids are very beneficial to the human body

CBD contains many health benefits

The danger of Pharmaceutical companies controlling CBD oil

Big Pharma are trying to control CBD oil

It’s just a matter of time before CBD oil is swallowed up for profit

Let’s face it, the pharmaceutical industry don’t really care about our health and well being. In fact, it’s against their interests to keep us well and healthy. These companies make vast amounts of profits from their drugs. They are quite willing to drip feed us with the latest drugs and keep us all ‘doped’ up. Obviously, some drugs are required and necessary for certain illnesses but just handing drugs out too easily because it’s the easiest option, in my opinion, is not the correct one.

The medical industry, who prescribe the drugs, take a very tactical stance on health and well being. It seems as though they try and fix things with pills instead of trying to address the root cause of illness.

I discovered that most mammals have cannabinoid receptors. Mammals actually evolved these receptors and they are perfect for cannabinoids. CBD actually works in conjunction with our bodies and helps keep it healthy.

This recent discovery, means medicinal cannabis is a massive opportunity for humans (and pets) general health and well being.

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