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10 Reasons You Should Be Using CBD Oil

Medicinal cannabis has been in the news for both good and bad, but the mainstream media have generally missed the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) oil. I guess the reason is, that it does not have the scandal angle that so many newspapers look for. That’s a huge shame as CBD oil has many beneficial qualities.

Taking medicinal cannabis is wrong and unacceptable, right? Well, no, not really. That is far too broad a generalisation. True, it is illegal in many countries, but it is known to work for a range of medical conditions. CBD oil has far more uses and is legal.

To understand how CBD oil works, we need a quick look at our bodies and in particular our brains and nervous systems.

Everything you need to know about CBD oil to get started

Our endocannabinoid system

Everything we do is controlled by our brains and our nervous system. It achieves this by sending tiny electrical signals from the brain via our nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is part of this and specialises in controlling sleep, appetite, pain and our immune system.

Within our brains, there are receptors, CB1 and CB2, that help to send the electrical signals around. CBD has been shown through many studies to help our endocannabinoid system function better. This allows the electrical control signals to move more easily around our nervous system.

CBD for Pain Relief

CBD’s beneficial effects for pain relief are well documented and many studies have been carried out to prove this. Using CBD oil instead of prescription drugs to control pain can also have health benefits, as CBD is a totally natural product.

CBD for Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation goes part and parcel with pain in our bodies. It is the body’s reaction to injury, alerting us to the problem and also protecting sensitive joints etc. Cannabinoids can reduce inflammation and in turn the pain felt.

CBD to Control Epilepsy

There are many causes of epilepsy, but all come back to seizures. Using CBD oil can help to reduce or stop the seizures completely. This is one use of CBD that should definitely be checked with your doctor first.

CBD to Relieve MS Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis can affect anyone at any time. You can have lived healthy, or not, for the past 40 years and then out of the blue be struck down by MS. The cause of MS is still unknown, but using CBD oil can ease MS symptoms.

CBD for Back Pain Relief

Since back pain is often caused by inflammation in and around the joints, CBD oil is a great for easing back pain. The anti-inflammatory properties are produced in a natural way to avoid the use of prescription drugs.

CBD for Anxiety

Many people suffer from anxiety. It can be brought on by the simplest thing, but common causes are public speaking, job interviews or anything out of our comfort zone. In a small study, volunteers were given either CBD oil or a placebo just before a public speaking event. The people that took CBD were far calmer and had less discomfort than the placebo takers.

Can CBD help with anxiety?

CBD to fight depression

Often, depression is treated with prescription drugs, which can be addictive. Some can also have uncomfortable side effects, such as insomnia and headaches.

CBD oil on the other hand has very mild side effects, which the majority of users do not experience. Plus, CBD is completely addiction free. CBD can achieve this as it regulates the brain’s serotonin levels in a natural way.

CBD to alleviate cancer treatment symptoms

Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, can often have unwanted side effects like nausea and vomiting. A number of studies discovered that taking CBD can alleviate the symptoms more effectively than prescription drugs.

In related trials, CBD has shown promising signs of slowing down or reducing cancer growth. This is very much in the early stages of study, however.

CBD for help with acne

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil may reduce acne and other skin problems. Acne has many causes, one of which is an overproduction of sebum, which is an oily secretion. CBD has the ability to reduce sebum levels, but more human studies are required to prove the connection.

In summary

There have been many studies and there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence, including this news report of Karen Barr. She claims that CBD oil has cured her 20 year battle with back pain and anxiety. The added benefit is that she no longer relies on anti-depressant drugs to survive.

All the health benefits of CBD are still not completely clear and as more scientific studies continue, more uses will be found.

It is a natural product that has the potential to change your life if you suffer from one of the above ailments. With none or very minor side effects, there is little reason not to try CBD oil.

My 6 week experiment with CBD oil

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