100% organic and naturally farmed, gold grade CBD oil. Every batch is lab tested for strength and purity.

We triple filter our CBD oil which means it tastes better and is more effective than any other oil on the market today.

100% organic and naturally farmed, gold grade CBD oil. Every batch is lab tested for strength and purity.

We triple filter our CBD oil which means it tastes better and is more effective than any other oil on the market today.
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Why is nHance Life the obvious choice for CBD oil?

CBD Oil from regulated EU farms
From Regulated EU Farms

Highest grade CBD oils made from prime European hemp grown in regulated farms conforming to strict EU legislation

CBD Oil without pesticides or contaminants
100% Organic and Natural

Grown using no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, genetically modified products or growth hormones

Gold standard CBD oil
Gold Standard Oil

We produce the gold standard of CBD which means it’s purer and better tasting than other CBD oils on the market

Full spectrum CBD oil with terpenes
Maximum Effectiveness

We use a unique process to extract terpenes alongside CBD to maximise the effectiveness of the CBD oil

Every batch of CBD oil is tested
Every Batch Tested

Every single batch of CBD oil is independently lab tested for strength and purity to ensure our labelling is 100% correct

All CBD products come with a 30 day money back guarantee
Risk Free Purchase

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase,  we offer a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee

How do we produce the highest quality CBD oil in the world?

Cibdol produces the gold standard of CBD oil. Every single drop of our CBD and Hemp oil has been purified using our unique extraction and purification methods.

Starting with the finest hemp grown in EU regulated farms, we produce CBD oil of a superior quality which tastes better and contains more beneficial properties than any other CBD oil on the market today.

Our unique processing harnesses the amazing power of ‘The Entourage Effect’

You can achieve maximum therapeutic benefit with the amazing power of ‘The Entourage Effect’

We combine all the beneficial  natural oils and extracts from the hemp plant together with the cannabinoids to create a far more effective CBD oil.

The “entourage effect” results when a number natural components within a plant interact together and with the human body to produce a stronger effect than any one of those components used alone. The more components, the stronger the effect.

We use the most advanced, Swiss technology available in our specialist laboratories to extract CBDs and terpenes. We then activate normally inactive CBDs as well as remove any unnecessary elements to make the CBD benefits more effective.

This is something that the majority of CBD oil manufacturers do not do.

Full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effect

Unique: triple-filtered for the smoothest flavour and purest oil

nHance Life offers the highest quality, 100% natural CBD oils made from prime European hemp.

We maximise the effectiveness of the cannabinoid CBD by removing waxes, unwanted fats and chlorophyll. Using a unique filtration process in our Swiss laboratories, we filter out any impurities. Our filtering process produces a unique and very high-quality, golden oil.

This increases the effectiveness of CBD oil as a therapeutic supplement and has a much smoother taste than other unrefined oils.

We remove all unnecessary elements in our CBD oils which helps to maximise the effectiveness of your CBD oil and improve the taste. Only the good parts are left in the finished product.

We remove all unnecessary elements for the purest CBD oil

No artificial additive or contaminants GUARANTEED!

We guarantee that no artificial contaminants or additives, such as heavy metals, are contained within our oils. Additionally, we test for microbial agents to eliminate any trace of harmful bacteria.

Our proprietary quality testing process ensures that every batch of CBD oil remains consistent from bottle to bottle.

You can be confident that our bottles contain the exact concentration of oil advertised

We test every batch of our CBD oil to ensure that your oil is pure and contains the precise amount of CBD oil detailed on the label. Any oils that fail our quality tests are not sold. Simple.

We test all CBD oils for purity and quality

Warning! Most CBD oils are inaccurately labelled

WARNING: A recent report from the Journal of the American Medical Association purchased 84 CBD products sold on the internet and had them chemically analysed by an independent laboratory. The researchers found that only 31% of the products tested contained the precise amount of CBD advertised on the label (within the acceptable margin of error).

We test every single batch of CBD oil to ensure, not only that your oil is pure and has had any non-beneficial elements removed, but also that it contains the exact amount of CBD as detailed on the label.


Cannabis is the versatile herbal remedy

Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy, and the most useful plant on Earth. No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents

Dr Ethan Russo

 Cannabinoid Research Institute


Absolutely the best

I am more convinced than ever that it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana

Dr Sanjay Gupta

Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN


Anti-noeplastic (anti-cancer)

Cannabis has been shown in both tissue culture and mice to be effective at inhibiting the growth of many cancers. CBD plays an important role in that effort. Other cannabinoids also contribute to cannabis’ anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) effect.

Dr. David Bearman

Huffington Post


Disease has a way of getting you down to the point where you just give up and get used to it. If there is anything working with CBD oil has shown me, it’s that there is always hope. Even for the hopeless.

Michael J. Fox, Actor

Parkinson’s Disease sufferer

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CBD oil is carefully extracted from the cannabis plant. It does not contain any pyschoactive ingredients so will not get you high. CBD oil is extracted from regulated hemp farms and is cultivated using the highest technology available. CBD oil is used by people with many conditions including chronic pain relief, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia.

CBD oil can be consumed in a number of ways. One of the most popular ways is by oil. You can simply place the oil underneath your tongue and hold it for as long as you can whilst the beneficial cannabinoids enter your bloodstream. You can also vape CBD oil but this needs to be a special type of caping CBD oil. You can also buy CBD edible including CBD capsules and CBD gummie bears.

It is best to try a few different types of CBD product and see which one works for you in particular.

Fully Legal CBD Products

All our CBD products are legal in the UK and come from reputable sources. We personally use our own products and test them ourselves before we put any on the market.

CBD from Certified Farms

All our CBD products are from regulated certified farms. We are very careful to ensure that the CBD products sold on our website are carefully selected and sourced from reputable sources. We use suppliers who grow quality hemp with the primary purpose of producing CBD oil and CBD based products.

Learn about CBD

We have a full section dedicated to teaching people about CBD oil and CBD based products. We try to keep all readers as informed as possible in regards to cannadinoids and increaase overall knowledge on teh subject. You can access our CBD resource for free here.

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Any statements, posts or associated content has not been evaluated by the FSA (Foods Standards Agency) in the UK or the EFSA (European Foods Safety Authority) and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp oil. nHance Life does not sell any products that violate the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Always seek advice from a medical doctor before starting any dietary or food supplement.


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